Accelerating scientific communication

Pre-print servers like BioRxiv have the potential to allow scientists to share their latest results with the broader community, without being held hostage by the long, drawn out, peer-review process.  Here is our first experiment with the pre-print process, which so far has been very positive!


Architectures of lipid transport systems for the bacterial outer membrane

Damian C. Ekiert*, Gira Bhabha*, Georgia L. Isom, Garrett Greenan, Sergey Ovchinnikov, Ian R. Henderson, Jeffery S. Cox, Ronald D. Vale

Here we report the first structural characterization of MCE proteins, which are broadly conserved among double-membraned bacteria and at least some eukaryotic organelles.  These structures reveal that some MCE proteins form long tubes or needle-and-syringe like architectures, which we proposed form bridges across the periplasm that mediate the transport of lipids between the bacterial inner and outer membranes.

Posted the pre-print on BioRxiv: July 18, 2016.

Published in Cell: April 6, 2017.

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